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about us

The Mage’s Lantern is a Los Angeles-based publisher of dark fantasy, supernatural, and horror in both adult and young adult markets. Books bearing the “pen and flame” insignia of The Mage’s Lantern usher readers into darkly beautiful and fantastically strange worlds.

Our debut release, NILVX: A Book of Magic, a four-issue anthology, showcases artwork, poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction from gifted artists and writers from around the world. The collection, inspired by magic and the occult, features work from fifteen countries, including Colombia, India, Romania, Singapore, and South Africa, and reflects our global reach and commitment to diversity.

Our first full-length release, Nation of the Beasts: The Lord of the Sabbath, by Mexican writer and artist, Mariana Palova, marks the first ever Spanish language YA fantasy novel to be translated and published in English. Palova's debut novel was awarded gold in Foreword INDIES prestigious Book of the Year award for fantasy.

As an emerging publisher, The Mage’s Lantern is kept lit by readers who thrive on exploring the uncharted realms of the imagination. Thank you for your support.


By pen and flame,

M.L. Anderson, Owner

M.L. Anderson


The Mage’s Lantern currently accepts unsolicited manuscripts of speculative fiction. We are especially interested in works written by and/or featuring BIPOC, disabled people, LGBT+ people, and those from other underrepresented or marginalized communities.

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