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Matthew Anderson's love for literature is equally balanced by his dedication to innovation and technology. Anderson earned a BA degree in English and Comparative Literature (Latin) from UCLA; his academic studies also focused on Black American and LGBT literature. He has a love for wildly imaginative stories, especially works of magical realism and the supernatural. His professional background encompasses twenty years in service operations where he currently leads AI and robotics projects.


In 2016, he launched The Mage's Lantern as a vehicle to combine his passion for literature, magic, and technology. 2017 saw the addition of NILVX: A Book of Magic: a literary journal of art, poetry, short fiction, and essays inspired by magic and the occult, which drew contributions for writers and artists from fifteen countries. He is highly interested in publishing interactive fiction, which is part of The Mage's Lantern innovation goals.


In his limited free time, he continues to work on his own novel based on the life of 19th-Century Black American occultist, Paschal Beverly Randolph.


Anderson’s vision for The Mage's Lantern is to publish unique works of speculative fiction and provide creative and professional opportunities for individuals from marginalized and underrepresented communities.

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