General Guidelines

  • Please use standard manuscript formatting

  • Accepted format is Microsoft Word .doc or .docx

  • All manuscripts must be submitted through our web form

  • Only submit the first fifty pages of your manuscript

  • We only accept exclusive, previously unpublished work

Rights, Advances & Royalties

Our standard contract grants The Mage’s Lantern LLC exclusive worldwide English rights in print and electronic formats (including audiobook). All terms will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed with the author prior to signing. We offer a modest advance and pay royalties semiannually at a rate comparable to industry standards.

Genre Restrictions

We are primarily interested in dark fantasy, supernatural, horror, magical realism, and works that disrupt or challenge traditional presentations of “novel” through experimentation with plot, narrative style, and structure (cf. ergodic literature). We will also consider young adult fiction within the desired genres where the protagonist is between 12 – 18 years of age. All works submitted must have an element of magic and/or the supernatural.

We are not interested in romance fantasy, alien encounters, or works without an element of magic and/or the supernatural.

Review Process

The entire review process may take up to three months depending on the season and the number of manuscripts submitted.

Phase 1: We will review the first fifty pages of your manuscript. If we are interested, we will request the full manuscript to be submitted within thirty days. If we decline, we will notify you that your work is no longer under consideration. Additional feedback may be provided.

Phase 2: We will review your manuscript in its entirety. If we are interested in publishing your work, we will contact you to discuss next steps. If we decline after full manuscript review, we will notify you that your work is no longer under consideration and provide you with feedback regarding our decision.

If we take longer than three months to review your manuscript, exclusive submission is no longer required.


Please click the icon below to access the manuscript submission form. If you do not have an account, you will be required to create one before completing the form.


Distribution via Ingram and ebook platforms.

Marketing & Promotion

We will work closely with the author to create a customized marketing plan. Marketing and promotional efforts are in collaboration with the author and do not fall solely on either party.