NILVX I(IV): Sphere of Luna

NILVX I(IV): Sphere of Luna

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Volume 1, Issue 4 (Print):

The Moon lifts the veil of matter and reveals to us the Machinery of the Universe.  Within her, images rise and fall in the Astral Light; all that is created is prepared for crystallization into matter. She is the carousel of faces and speaks in allegory, symbol, and myth. Abandon realism, and enter the Moon’s Treasure House of Images.


In this Issue:

A.K. Kelly's exquisite story "Witch Woman and Her Forgetful Lover" weaves a new myth of love, loss, and healing. A cursed witch must transfer "the heart-shards of the moon" to maintain her youth and beauty in T.K. Tolbert's "The Giving."


Lady Moon Remembers and Mourns: 5 Songs : John Barrale
Kamari : Kamari Bright
Satellite : Conyer Clayton
13 Ways of Looking at the Moon : Cynthia Gallaher
Luna : Alison Goodhew 
To Choose Moonlight : J.A. Grier
Lunar Hunger : Elancharan Gunasekaran
Witch Woman and Her Forgetful Lover : A.K. Kelly
Vitalization of the Lunar Essence : Leonis Keys
A Naked Moment : Rev. Judith Laxer
Caught Familiar : Lorraine Schein
The Giving : T.K. Tolbert
It Was Dark and She : Heather Truett
Moon Crystal Elixir : Helen Ward
Rendezvous in Space : Phyllis Wax
Moon Milk : Stella Wulf
Moon Phases : Stella Wulf

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