NILVX II(I): Divine Androgyne

NILVX II(I): Divine Androgyne

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Volume 2, Issue 1 (PDF Download): 

The Divine Androgyne symbolizes the process of differentiation and reunification of polarities. The symbol is dynamic and alive, never static, and contemplation of the living symbol may elucidate insight into the LGBT+ spirit. The initialism of queer identity is equivalent to taking snapshots of the Divine Androgyne during its unfolding and infolding. The entire process is divine, and as aspects of the divine, so too is the queer spirit.

  • Contents

    Smart Solo Sex : Rebecca Kiwi Barnstien
    From She Who Bears the Name of Deliverance : Kristi Carter
    Between Oranges : Kristi Carter
    The Breaking of Ashes : Gene Case
    Venus Androgyne : Tyler Friend
    If I Needed Someone : Barton Kunstler
    Magick (after Circe) : Raymond Luczak
    Adam : Raymond Luczak
    How Grief is Inscribed in a Lover's Intestinal Lining : Philip Matthews
    What Ran Brightness : Philip Matthews
    Reincarnation, Waiting for Someone to Speak : Philip Matthews
    My Skeleton Acquires Language : O Mayeux
    Heavenly Bodies : Amanda Rodriguez
    He, a Poppy Field : Robin Sinclair
    Living with Ghosts : Elyssa Tappero
    Game on Witch, the Threequel : Alex Vigue

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