NILVX I(III): Ancestors

NILVX I(III): Ancestors

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Volume 1, Issue 3 (Print):

Every action we take is imprinted with the impulses, addictions, joys, and sorrows of the Ancestors.  We are never truly alone; when we move, they move with us.  Our very existence is dependent on not only our blood ancestors but also those souls bonded to our bloodline by acts of love, generosity, and even betrayal.  If we look deeper, we may discover our former incarnations and understand they too are our ancestors. Close your eyes, and call upon the Ancestors.


In this Issue:

A father must journey to the misty Oileán na Marbh to bury his broken heart in Bayveen O'Connell's "Island of the Dead."  Deepen your connection to the death current with Nirvanah Randell's "Death Mask" practice and prepare for communication with the Ancestors.


Waseenah, Great Grand Mother : Patricia Ares-Christian
Θύελλα : Robert Beveridge
Programming : Kamari Bright
Winter's Night : Lise Christofferson
Ceremony : K. Eltinaé
The Stallion : Shawn Goldberg
Milkteeth: An Offering : T.m. Lawson
Mother Wound : T.m. Lawson
DNA : Jaboor Noor
Island of the Dead : Bayveen O'Connell
Ancestor Contact : Nirvanah Randell
Death Mask : Nirvanah Randell
The Lucky Ones : Adam Tie
Altar : Leticia Urieta
The Wayward Sisters : Leticia Urieta
Psalm of the Suomalanien : Elizabeth Vrenios
Alkebulan : Kim-Marie Walker

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